There are two important updates on what instructors can expect in Canvas at the end of the term: Uploading final grades, and access to past-term course sites:


Uploading final Canvas grades to Online Service (Banner)

There are currently two ways for Canvas instructors to enter final course grades in Online Services (Banner):

-Or -

  • Download a .csv file from the Canvas gradebook, then upload final grades in that file to Online Services (Banner).

Please note that for any grade entry method, instructors are required to include a Last Date of Attendance when submitting the following grades: F; N (no pass); I/F; I/N. See FAQ's on Last Date of Attendance for more details.


When you are ready to submit final grades via .csv, here are the steps:

  1. Log into your Canvas course and open Grades
  2. Click the Export button (upper left corner of screen) to download the gradebook
  3. Open the Excel .csv file and save it on your computer (keep the File Type .csv)
  4. Create a column in the spreadsheet for the final course grade, and enter your students’ grades (note the column number for when you perform the upload)
  5. Follow steps to log into MyOSU and upload the grades from your .csv file (Canvas does not store the CRN; it is not required for the file upload)

Note: only the primary instructor may upload final course grades to Online Services (Banner). 

Instructions on creating a Final Grade column in Canvas (note that final grades in Canvas cannot be uploaded directly to Banner/Online Services. The steps listed above are still required).


Access to past-term Canvas course sites

Canvas is different from Blackboard in that student enrollments are not removed from the course sites at the end of the term. Instead, students and instructors will have read-only access to Canvas course sites for as long as OSU retains the course sites (We still encourage instructors to download course gradebooks to Excel at the end of the term, for their own records). 

*Here is what you can expect once the term ends:

  • Students will not be able to submit assignments, participate in discussions or send/receive conversation messages in past-term courses.
  • Students do not have access to view quiz questions in past-term courses
  • Students can download assignments they submitted to past-term courses
  • Students and instructors can view grades for assignments, quizzes and discussions
  • Students can download course documents from published modules in past-term course sites. (Instructors may hide course navigation menu links to Modules, Files, Pages, etc., before the last day of the term; neither students nor instructors can access hidden menu links in past-term courses. Instructors can import the course to a new shell in order to gain access to hidden menu links and content).
  • Instructors can access Files in past-term course sites.
  • Instructors can download the gradebook and individual student assignments in past-term course sites
  • Instructors cannot change grades, assignments or any other course information in past-term Canvas course sites.
  • Instructors cannot remove students from past-term course sites
*The term end-date is the first day of the subsequent term. OSU currently retains course sites for two years after the term ends. An ONID account is required to access Canvas course sites. 
We strongly recommend leaving the default course settings as-is, but it is possible to restrict student access to Canvas course sites. Any changes must be made before the term endsSee details here.