If Canvas or any of the services integrated with it are unavailable, we report it here. This can help Canvas users determine if there was a system-level issue that prevented students from accessing or submitting resources on Canvas.

TurnItIn Service Alert - Monday 6/27 11:10am - 11:40am PST: Users may have experienced an “Error 403” message in the Document Viewer  between 11:10am and 11:40am PST. System is normal now. I suspect times may actually be PDT, but the announcement said PST>

Canvas Login - Saturday 5/28 12:15pm - Sunday 5/30 8:10am: A few users may have been unable to log in to Canvas during this time due to a failure in the OSU CAS authentication system. Users may have tried to change their passwords, but this was unsuccessful as well. This would have only affected a few users, most were still able to log in without any issues.

TurnItIn - Monday, April 18: Some users may have experienced slowness and errors with Turnitin between 12:55pm and 02:07pm PST.

TurnItIn - Friday, March 11: Some users may have experienced problems with TurnItIn between 5:45 - 7:45am PST.

Some Users Unable to Access Canvas - On Monday March 7, 2016 2:17-2:23pm Pacific Standard Time, some users may not have been able to access Canvas. Their engineers applied a fix and all users should have access again. Total downtime was approx. 6 minutes.

Canvas Login - OnTuesday March 1 2:15-2:35 Pacific Standard Time OSU Canvas users were not able to log in to Canvas. The root cause was an update that Instructure performed on a set up underlying security certificates. Total downtime was approx. 20 minutes.

Safari browser and quizzes - Saturday, January 30: Safari was unable to load quizzes for some period of time on this date. We are working with the vendor to confirm the times when this issue was occurring. It was reportedly fixed by approximately 5pm on 1/30.

TurnItIn – Friday January 22: Service was unavailable as of 5:43 am PST, and lasted for approximately 3 hours (Denial of Service Attack); affected all TurnItIn users.