import disclaimer

It can be a bit daunting to set up a course in Canvas for the first time. In order to help OSU instructors get a running start, we are providing an OSU Canvas template for campus-based courses. This template models one way to structure a basic course, and offers guidance on adding and organizing course content. It does not prescribe course content; you may modify to suit your needs. See a read-only version of the the OSU Canvas template for campus-based courses. (Alternatively, you may also want to view Instructure's example Canvas courses by subject). 

The template resides on Commons, a place to share and find Canvas courses, assignments and more. 

To find the template on Commons and import into your Canvas course site: 

  1. Open the Canvas course in which you want to import the template
  2. On the Home page of your course, see the "Import from Commons" button at the upper right corner.
  3. Enter OSU Canvas Template in the search bar and click that name link on the search results page to select the template
  4. Click the green "Import into Course" button

More details here on importing from Commons.

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