Getting started with Canvas is relatively easy. Whether you have limited time or are ready to jump right in, we have some resources for you, including workshops and webinars.


Only have ten minutes?

 Check out this six-minute video for an overview of the navigation in Canvas. Then, download the Blackboard-Canvas tool comparison guide for future reference, and bookmark the Canvas User Community to ask questions and share ideas with other Canvas users.


Have a few hours?

Start by reviewing the Instructor Orientation Course provided by Canvas. This course is built in Canvas and provides a series of videos to show you the features and functionality built into the system.


Want to learn everything there is to know?


Canvas provides detailed guides for both instructors and students:


Canvas Instructor Guide

These documents explain how to get started and integrate each Canvas tool in your course.


Canvas Video Guide

These videos target the integration of many Canvas tools. Be sure to check out "What is the Course Setup Checklist?​" first.


Canvas Student Guide and 5 Things for OSU Students to Know About Canvas

These documents provide information to students regarding how to make use of Canvas for learning.