The role of migration liaisons is to provide input on the migration plan, and ensure stakeholders are well informed of project planning, timelines, expectations, and support opportunities.

If exceptions to the migration timeline are requested by a particular college or department, the appropriate migration liaison(s) will review exception requests and validate that instructor availability, programs, sequence courses, and other academic considerations are taken into account during the migration to Canvas. 


       College of Agricultural Science – Penny Diebel and Selina Heppell

John Bolte - Biological/Ecological Engineering
Wanda Crannell - Bioresource Research
Andrew Hunt - Crop/ Soil Science
Mary Mucia - Env/Molecular Toxicology
Chad Mueller -EOU Program
Jeff Hino - Ext /Exp Station Comm.
Megan Wright -Fisheries/Wildlife Sciences
Dan Smith - Food Science Technology
Caroline Charlton – Horticulture
Jeff Kollath – Statistics
Ilea Bouse - MCAREC
Sandy DeBano - HAREC
Carol Cole - COMES Newport
Christina DeWitt - COMES Astoria


College of Business - Dan Lykins and David Baldridge


College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences – Demian Hommel and Roy Haggerty


College of Education - Jennifer Bachman w/ help from Cheridy Aduviri and Sara Wright 


College of Engineering - Todd Shechter and Christine Kelly


College of Forestry - Randy Rosenberger


Graduate School - Brenda McComb and Jessica White


Honors College – Tara Williams


College of Liberal Arts - Marion Rossi with Suzanne Grey


College of Pharmacy - Adriane Irwin and Gary Miller


College of Public Health and Human Sciences School of Biological and Population Health Sciences:


Norm Hord; Anna Harding; Mark Hoffman; Mendy Gayler


 College of Public Health and Human Science School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences:


Karen Hooker; Sheryl Thorburn; Nancy Creel


College of Science - Marita Barth and Julie Greenwood


College of Veterinary Medicine - Craig Ruaux


Outreach & Extension – Karen Watte


Student Affairs:


Disability Access Services - Alex Axelsson


Allison Davis-White Eyes



Students - Steve Hoelscher and ASOSU representatives


Academic Affairs:


Advisors - Kerry Kincanon


Assessment - Mum Mattison


Center for Teaching and Learning - Kay Sagmiller and Cub Kahn


Libraries – Stefanie Buck


Cascades campus - Kara Witzke and Sara Thompson


INTO OSU - Carrie Reeves and Jennifer Borgen